Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Start Botching

Until now I've resisted doing a blog or blogging or whatever, but posting stuff on various websites to share with others seemed, in the end, repetitious when I could put it all, or most of it anyway, in one place and invite anyone who was interested to come visit.

We shall see - I could really do with Leigh (Leighs wargames .blog) here to take me through this process to get me off to the right start. But he ain't so I'm blogging solo and will no doubt screw things up a few times at least.

What I intend the blog to cover is pretty much the same as what other wargamers and modellers - what I am planning, doing and have done in the way of figures and games.

I like to do research and planning for new armies or units, often months and even years before they ever actually materialise, what my US wargames buddy Jim Getz calls 'MW', 'mental wargaming'. This can often be, to me anyway, as much fun as creating the forces and playing with them.

So, lots of ramblings from me then stuff which has until now just sat in my notebook or laptop. Alongside that I want to post some WIP info and photos, showing what I am up to in the way of actually making the forces or figures, with lots of photos too. They may appear here, when I figure out how, or in my PhotoBucket albums. The simple upload link is, I see, to Picassa, which is annoying - I can't see any upload link to my PC!

The other thing I intend including is either information on or links to that info about the activities of Skirmish Wargames, the 54mm 1/32nd scale wargames club I belong to and which caters for my primary wargaming interest. Again, not sure how that's all going to work at the moment.

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