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Project Leipzig - What's It All About?

Into 54mm Napoleonic Battles

The French Right Flank
  Despite my always saying I never would get involved in the period, over the years I have been. We have done Peninsular games, for example and a couple of us in the Skirmish Wargames group toyed with doing games based on Waterloo. Andy Duff has a splendid, if somewhat eccentric, set-up to do the whole battle from start to finish. But it never really caught on with a wider audience within the group, so it faded away, despite my love of the Dutch-Belgians!

When the new HaT Napoleonic figures started coming out, the interest in them by various group members was a nice surprise. See examples at Go to ‘9000 Series figures – 1/32 scale’.
When we were chatting at Devizes a couple of years ago now, Adrian Britton produced a beautifully painted French infantry figure and confessed to being very taken with the set. Up stepped Ian, Pete, and Wayne to say the same. 

To cut to the chase, the idea of venturing as a group into the Napoleonic Period was given serious consideration and ideas as to where and when to focus kicked around. The end result was a consensus that  the Battle of Leipzig 1813 would make a great event to base our forces around.

I had a head start, as I have some Austro-Hungarians I did for a series of articles in Toy Soldier & Model Figure on which to build – so that clearly placed me in the Allied camp. The others were Bonapartists,  keen to raise the Grande Armée between them.
Allied Cavalry

Subsequently the Allies have had others join our ranks I am relieved to say, or it could have been a series of one-side games! Alan Goldingay, Gordon Herbert and Ian Chard have now waded in with Prussians, evening up the odds a little. Les Beilby Tipping has plumped for Bavarians, Adam Palmer Swedes, Leigh Jackson Poles, so the 'other' nations will be represented too. I also decided to do Russia, as I have a thing about the Russian army throughout the ages, and had lots of the excellent Black Cat figures (sadly no longer made).
Actually Alan, Gordon and Leigh all raised some French too, and it was as well they did, as otherwise the Allies would have outnumbered them 2:1!

Black Powder Rules

We are using the Black Powder rules, which seem ideally suited. They are flexible enough to cope with varying size units and multiple players,  and also they are very definitely 'battle' not 'skirmish' rules. This means they get away from any mechanisms based on single figures – everything is unit based. And there is no removal of casualty figures so multiple bases are fine. See more at

Building Games

Prussian Defend The Hill, The French Advance


Those already involved have been beavering away at painting some figures and we have had 4 games at 3 shows in the past 12 months, as build-up games for the main even at Colours this year. The games went well, though we struggled with the rules at times. Unfortunately we all have a tendency to leave it to someone else to get to grips with the rules! It's fine when Leigh is there because he picks rules so easily, and this helped enormously at Warfare/Reading.

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