Monday, 29 April 2013

I had been so good, keeping to the Napoleonic theme, only ‘straying’ with the Mamalukes because they were French and I wasn’t doing French... so what am I now sat doing? 
3.75” 95mm Sci-Fi!
I fancied a little break from Napoleonic over the weekend, so I got out an Army Commander figure I’d had in the ‘Do Next’ box for a while. Next thing I know I am doing a HQ squad of 5 – the CO and his personal escort of Colour Bearer, Comms man and 2 guards. Then I woke up this morning thinking about a Medic... so now there are 6 of them. I have 2 more of the figures, but only 1 helmet (from completely differnt figures) so fortunately I can’t do the Heavy Weapons Team I also woke up thinking about!
They are still not finished, so another day at least on this distraction. Butterfly Brain – but there is more than a touch of what my American buddy Charley E so nicely called Being Out To Lunch, too.