Sunday, 7 December 2014

Not much of a Blogger -  been a year or so since my last posting!

Donington To Fair was good - £2 for Del Prado mounted Polish Winged Hussars!  I got 5, all they had. Some WWII artillery, metal and plastic,  cheap. An old Britain’s WWII small truck for £10 (type u/k but will do for just about anybody!). Handful of odd plastic figures for 20p each. Looked at a very nice ship model, of the Osprey, a mine sweeper/trawler/Q boat, about 1/30 scale – but he wanted £375 for it!
Didn’t go to London – there was nothing about going from anyone else so I gave it a miss. Travel cost make whatever you buy less of a bargain anyway.
Just finishing the Early WWII French (4 infantry squads, 2 officers, sniper & spotter, A/T gun + crew, forward observer w’ radio all done, MMG, armoured car, tracked towing vehicle all underway. Stu P has now fired me up with the idea of adding a cavalry squadron!) and Italians (all WIP but all cleaned up and conversions started/done) for Bolt Action/TODD-Squad. Aiming to try TODD-S when Ian is here week after next.
For BoB/RCW:
-the Russian Turkmen squadron, mounted and dismounted versions, complete with standard, all done and ready to provide an escort to the White Russian/Monarchist general who is converted and being painted.
-Mongolian bandit gang WIP, based on the one in The Good, the Bad and the Weird (Korean-western, highly recommended) – includes a truck with men on foot, mounted figures also with foot versions, and even two on camels! Oh, and a m/c and sidecar and a m/c.
-Did Kreigsmarine landing party for our last Resistance game, crew for deck-gun for U-boat, along with a bunch of merchant seamen, dockers etc. Can’t decide what to do the bases though – tried grey but it doesn’t look right on ship’s deck. Water lined that trawler you passed on to Ted, stripped it off and repainted it for the game too, along with a 1/18th scale submarine model which I water lined too (the other bottom half will make the armoured-cruiser train!)
-nearly finished painting a USN Landing Party,  from the USS Enterprise, under Capt James T Kirk.
-have a couple of small ‘tanks/armoured cars’ from 1/35th originals to do a little light converting to so they become one-off/pre-production/experimental models used out east!
Just did the flags for the Bodden Bumburg  15mm army, which Ian has created from all the unpainted figures I passed on to him, plus some Marlburian figures he had. They fought for the first time on Friday night – not had the AAR yet. We will be doing a BP game with them when he’s here.

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