Sunday, 8 March 2015

Armies In Plastic & TSSD Turcmen Conversions

This is the link to the Photobuckte album of both WIP and finished figures:

I will try to put a couple in here too, as tasters to tempt readers to take a look at the whole album - though there are a lot of photos.

original figure on the right - the conversion has been primed with grey gesso.

Really enjoyed doing the simple conversions. I used Greenstuff and Greystuff, sometimes actually mixed together. Green is very soft, Grey is firmer and easier to work with straight away I find.

I did a figure on foot for each of the riders, from TSSD WWII Germans and Americans.

Painting was quite a challenge - the striped robes themselves but also not letting the colours get too bright.

Here the two sets are together. The officers are actually wearing different uniforms, as there were two styles for the, one based on a Uhlan and one on the men's native style.


  1. Very nice e me ol mucker

  2. These have now featured in the latest issue of Toy Soldier Collector magazine, issue 72. There are details of how they were done and more photos.

  3. NaRong
    Flashman was subject to the same rules as everyone else, but counted as a (anti-)hero, so had 4 cards for activation.