Friday, 9 September 2016

Sackcloth and Ashes...

Oh dear, shame on me. This was supposed to be a place to keep track of and share my wargames and modelling activities  'on a regular basis' (where regular meant fairly frequent not to a fixed time period). So clearly I have failed woefully on that aim.

In mitigation I can claim that I have been unwell, with what Samuel Johnson called the Black Dog, and for a few months my hobby activities were zilch, but there was work done before the bad patch which should have been posted here. I wont say I will try to do better...I will say I will do better!

When I read on of Paul Stad's regular updates on his Blog I wonder how he keeps at it so well whilst enjoying the posts themselves - and resolve to be more like him. Take a look at how it should be done at

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