Friday, 9 September 2016

Three Days of Gaming!

Just spent three most enjoyable days gaming with two best friends, with games across the scales and periods. We try to get together 3 or 4 times a year, as tempus fugit and we ain't gettin any younger... There are usually four of us at these Glory Daze  but one (Mike 'Doc' Bell) couldn't make it this time, so it was just the three of us, Me ('Botch' Blake), Ian 'Kid' Colwill and Ted 'Pops' Herbert. All now being retired we can meet during the week rather than at weekends, when often other things are going on.

Ian & Ted turned up at my place on Monday morning and Ted set up the first game. This was an Old West Pima County 54mm skirmish, a four sided affair involving the High Chaparral ranch, Mexican 'Maximillianistas' gunrunners, Apache Indians and US Cavalry! Ted provided the story, terrain and figures, and we used an updated version of the very old original Colonial Skirmish Rules.

A great game ensued, in which I came 1st and 2nd (clever eh?),  Ian came 3rd and Ted 4th (with a hefty minus score! And he was umpiring/gamesmastering/directing!!) That night we watched the original version of The Alamo whilst sipping our Larceny bourbon.

On Tuesday we entered a 3 game Black Powder Small Action marathon set in the Texas War for Independence. Chris Swan provided the scenarios, Ian the 28mm figures and terrain, and the umpiring. the last game was an innovative 'chase' game based on the attack on San Antone which pitched groups of Texicans against each other to see who would be first to fight through the town and capture the Mexican HQ.

Amazingly I managed to win all three games (the last by a dirty trick in the final move), making it 4 nil to me so far. The evening viewing was the second version of The Alamo, and another bourbon the name of which escapes me.

Wednesday morning (Ted had to leave at noon) saw us moving down to 15mm and an AWI game in a campaign Ian & Chris have been running. Here it looked like another clear victory for me (as the Rebel Colonialists) against Ted's British until Ian's pesky red devils finally got off there arses and swooped onto my flanks and proceeded to roll up my line!

All in all a most enjoyable few days, both in terms of wargaming and companionship.

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