Saturday, 31 December 2016


This is the name of our group SF campaign, for which I am doing some figures... and here are my first two 'squads', both from the Star Wars genre.

They are Bounty Hunters, a mix of repaints of metal and plastic and some more serious conversion.

The second team are Death Troopers fro Rogue One, which I have recently seen and really enjoyed. These are repaints of Hasbro plastic Storm Troopers, with extra bits and new weapons.

A good source of SF weapons, some specifically Star wars and others more generic, is

Lots more photos of the figures on Photobucket at and


  1. G'day Mike. Very inspiring stuff. I have three Britains Star Force figures minus heads and helmets you can have for your sci fi conversions if you want them. Just leave your snail mail on my comments on my blog (or if you still have my email address) I lost yours when I went over to Windows 10). I won't publish your address of course.
    Col (of Col's Tanks blog)