Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Had a sudden urge to provide some Locals for the first game, set on a planet with a mining colony with a n Old West Frontier I found some cowboy figures in a drawer and started messing about with them.

One snag was they were some I had deliberately collected to see how many standing firing with the right arm up I could find - so there is a marked similarity of pose!

 Head swaps came first, no real reason or need but I prefer it usually. Then new weapons from the Sci-Fi Bits Box. The some new arms and legs ditto...

Well, that's going to come in handy when mining - maybe I should add a power-pack of some kind to drive it?

Yes. that was a third (bionic) arm on this one!
A Bionic arm also but only the two in total - and a very big gauge shotgun.
Lastly almost the whole Borg thing...


  1. Excellent and witty conversions

  2. Thanks Danny - especially like the recognition of 'witty'.

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