Tuesday, 21 February 2017

French Conquest of Algeria 1830s-40s II

I have been pointed at an excellent blog about this, all in French but Google translates it in seconds, by Al Maurer on the Colonial Wars Yahoo DG. It really is the DBs for basic info and some wonderful illustrations - lots of odd variations of uniforms...Here’s a link to part 1; from there you can find the rest:

For the Algerians I found the chapter on Chris Flaherty's wonderful Ottoman Uniform site - splendid stuff as always from this chap enhanced by illustrations his own unique style which are just perfect for painting figures...now to find some figures! http://www.ottoman-uniforms.com/ottoman-algeria-army-and-navy/.

The other great source is the entry for Algiers in Matt Bevins excellent self-published 'Tangier to Tehran: A Wargamers Guide to Middle Eastern Armies of the Napoleonic & Pre-Colonial Period c1770-1830', originally published 1994, but there is an updated version 2013 (I think I did a google on Mark Bevis, got an email address and contacted him, but Micro-Mark may have the book?) Splendid information, with lots of naive but very helpful b&w drawings.

I have also had a go at the first unit of French infantry form Conte figures - one painted entirely. I like to do tis as a guide to how they will look so I can change anything which doesn't 'work', colours etc. Will post a photo.

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