Sunday, 5 March 2017

French Conquest of Algeria 1830s-40 V

Googling the subject brings up some good stuff  but...I want more! When I am doing a new period I become over interested (some, like my wife, say obsessed) with it and need to be immersed in information. Sad but there it is.

I kept hoping Douglas Porch would make it a trilogy and do it to go with the Conquest of Morocco and ditto the Sahara but it hasn't happened. I can't find my copy of Clayton to see what he has to say about it. Detaille briefly covers it, and so far the best is the reprint of Laurie, which has nothing on clothing or uniforms but quite a lot of brief descriptions of skirmishes and battles. No maps of the though.

I have another reprint of a book about the French in Algeria to try next.

The really good news is that I am no longer ploughing a lone furrow on this one - long time wargame pal Les Bielby-Tipping has joined me. He's now located in Northern France rebuilding a chateau farmstead so has less time on his hands for wargaming, but the idea has caught his imagination and he has signed up to do some troops for both sides - indeed I am expecting details of his french force today as its raining in France and he will get some time to write it down.

En avant mes enfants!


  1. has some relevant books with some good maps but not much in the way of plates or illustrations...worth a look through though.

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